Specialist in 100% chlorine free water treatment for swimming pools and swimming pounds

The Oxytronix ‘Concept’ water treatment system guarantees an extraordinary water quality without the use of hazardous chemicals. The water is crystal clear and feels soft.

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Control and Manage your pool with our advanced filter technology

Water Treatment

The system combines 3 chlorine-free water treatment techniques, UV disinfection, Copper ionization and Oxygen oxidation. These techniques are modified and implemented in a managing system that takes care of the water treatment as a whole.


The filtration is an indispensable part of Oxytronix. Multi-layer GFM+ glass filtration combined with a variable speed pump guarantee a perfect filtration with low energy consumption.


Digitally controlled high efficiency heat pumps with stainless steel housing.


Cloud controlled Pool Management System

Managing and Monitoring a pool can be a challenge. What should I do when? And how should I do it?


Task Management

Visibility of tasks to take will be displayed on the Management System and pro-activally emailed to you.



Menu driven calibration flow.


Quality Tracking

Pool history is saved 24/7 in the cloud and can be consulted over time.

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"I travel frequently for work, and having a pool system that I can monitor and adjust from afar is a game-changer. The chlorine-free aspect is not only a healthier choice but also a relief from the usual pool maintenance headaches."

Marc D.

Antwerp, Belgium

"I'm impressed by how this chlorine-free pool system has elevated the overall swimming experience. The water quality is pristine, and the environmental benefits are a welcome bonus. Managing the pool has become a pleasure, contributing to a more enjoyable and sustainable lifestyle."

Thierry M.

Liege, Belgium

"Our family's pool experience has been transformed with this innovative system. The simplicity of managing settings and the chlorine-free solution make it stand out. It's like having a personal pool assistant at our fingertips!"

Emma S.

Ghent, Belgium

"Clear water, no chlorine headaches. Perfect pool experience!"

Hans K.

Mechelen, Belgium

"This pool management system strikes a perfect balance between advanced functionality and user-friendliness. The chlorine-free approach is a breath of fresh air, and the seamless control over settings makes maintaining the pool a stress-free task."

Lucy B.

Bruge, Belgium

"I recommend this pool system to all my clients. The remote tracking ensures proactive maintenance, and the chlorine-free feature aligns with the high standards I uphold in my pool constructions."

Alex M.

Pool Maintenance

"This pool management system has revolutionized my work. The remote monitoring allows me to address issues promptly, and the chlorine-free solution adds a premium touch to the pools I maintain."

Laurence M.

Pool Builder

"As a pool maintainer, efficiency is key. This system's remote capabilities are a game-changer, allowing me to stay ahead of any issues. The chlorine-free option is an added bonus, ensuring happy clients with pristine pools."

Vincent P.

Pool  Maintenance